About React

react-imageReact is a JavaScript library that focuses on making the state of User Interfaces more reliable. This is especially helpful in applications such as Facebook and Netflix where user interaction is constantly changing the interface in real-time.

The main way that React works is through components. Components allow the developer to have the different functions of the JavaScript modular, so that certain sections can be added or removed, easily changed, called multiple times in different areas or used in different sections or projects. This modular approach is helpful and makes managing large projects, collaboration and updates simpler and less susceptible to error.

React also condenses and shortened JavaScript. You are able to write HTML right into the JSX that renders based on certain parameters. React aims to make JavaScript more condensed and concise than it is on it’s own.

React has two main ways of calling data. Props and State. Props do not change and they’re used to pass data to child components. State is used to pass changing data that regularly changes such as user input or day/time information.

I believe that learning React will be very useful as it is used professionally for very dynamic, large and popular web applications. Once I get over the learning curve, I think I’ll be able to use it’s streamlining and organizational features to be able to build larger applications with more moving parts much easier than if I was just using JavaScript.