Darryl Strawberry Banner

Darryl Strawberry next to the banner I recently designed for his book promotion.

Pain Resource Banners

Banner Ads

Pain Resource Media Kit

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Choose Good Thoughts Catalog

Darryl Strawberry Recovery Center

A custom WordPress theme for the Darryl Strawberry Recovery Center. Includes custom php forms that integrate with a customer relationship management system.

Pain Resource – Ad Landing

I created the Pain Resource landing page as a from-scratch html page. The form is processed with php. I also used my graphic design abilities to create the media kit available for download.

Lung Institute Home Page

The Lung Institute provides stem cell therapy treatments for those suffering from chronic lung diseases, such as COPD. Because unlike other stem cell clinics, the Lung Institute focuses solely on the lungs, LungInstitute.com has become an informational resource for those whose lives are affected by lung disease and it’s blog is highly followed. Previously, the home page featured a slider and a testimonial video, but in the goal of reducing the bounce rate and helping people navigate throughout the site more effectively changes were made to the home page after extensive research on the senior demographic.

After implementing these changes, pages per session increased 23.04%, the bounce rate decreased 9.30% and the exit rate decreased 22.48%.
*April 1 – 15, 2016 compared to the previous period in Google Analytics.



Season Spotlight Publication

Thomasville Center for the Arts published a seasonal catalog of all upcoming activities and events. These were mailed to members of the Center and distributed in the community.

First Group Project at The Iron Yard

Today I finished my project, The Connected Web. I worked remotely with Jenell. She specifically wanted to work on the API aspect. I really wanted to work on it too, because it’s new and I need to practice it as well, but I recognized that we needed to split up the work and I still could use the practice with the other aspects of React.

I did the html/css layout of what the project was to look like and then I set up the navigation, CSS and HTML in React. It was good to have the practice of formatting for React, I realized I forgot some things that I thought were going to come easy.

I think the most difficult thing about the project is that we were working remotely the whole time and at different times of day. But we stayed in communication pretty constantly and I made sure to get Jenell what she needed. In class on Thursday, we set up a game plan and I looked around at different API sites and found the IMDb API siteĀ omdbapi.

We communicated pretty well over Slack, but looking back I think I could improve my next project with better code documentation. We discovered after pushing the site to surge that the Poster API has some issues on regular sites, we didn’t notice this until we deployed because it worked fine on local and in our cached browsers.