About React

react-imageReact is a JavaScript library that focuses on making the state of User Interfaces more reliable. This is especially helpful in applications such as Facebook and Netflix where user interaction is constantly changing the interface in real-time.

The main way that React works is through components. Components allow the developer to have the different functions of the JavaScript modular, so that certain sections can be added or removed, easily changed, called multiple times in different areas or used in different sections or projects. This modular approach is helpful and makes managing large projects, collaboration and updates simpler and less susceptible to error.

React also condenses and shortened JavaScript. You are able to write HTML right into the JSX that renders based on certain parameters. React aims to make JavaScript more condensed and concise than it is on it’s own.

React has two main ways of calling data. Props and State. Props do not change and they’re used to pass data to child components. State is used to pass changing data that regularly changes such as user input or day/time information.

I believe that learning React will be very useful as it is used professionally for very dynamic, large and popular web applications. Once I get over the learning curve, I think I’ll be able to use it’s streamlining and organizational features to be able to build larger applications with more moving parts much easier than if I was just using JavaScript.


Oppenheim Signature Smiles

My experience and reputation working with artists and other visual products attracted the notice of aesthetic dentist, Thomas Oppenheim, DMD. For Dr. Oppenheim, gold medalist for ten consecutive AACD International Smile Gallery Competitions, displaying the artistry of Oppenheim Signature Smiles through before and afters was very important. I enjoyed creating a print and outdoor campaign featuring “Sara’s Signature Smile”.

Oppenheim Flyer

Oppenheim Ad #2

Save the Date

I created several save the date options for engaged couple Amy and Tyler.

Amy and Tyler Vertical_Page_1

Amy and Tyler Edits 2_Page_2

Gratitude Always

e’Layne Koenigsburg owner of Choose Good Thoughts signed a licensing agreement with the merchandising company Gratitude Always, as part of this agreement, I helped e’Layne format her artwork to fit a large variety of product templates while staying true to her brand and overall designs.

tote-bags candles cards boxes magnets shelf-art tumblers key-chains picture-frames

Casual Chic Lifestyle

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 11.06.56 PMKatie Middleton was inspired by her Great Uncle’s collection of vintage fabrics from his 1920s furniture shop. After I was presented with the fabrics and her ideas, I traced scans of the fabrics to create grayscale repeating vector patterns that were then sent to the manufacturer and printed in a wide variety of colors of Katie’s choosing. I was fortunate to not only work on the fabrics, but to also see her product brought to finish by creating her online store and website.



I’m sorry signing “Hope to see you soon” instead of “Love” made me seem uncaring.

someecards.com - I may start using emoticons

But from the start I want you to know…

someecards.com - I value the opinions that you keep to yourself.

because I think…


I know the following quote is important in your life,

someecards.com - I don't consider a good deed complete until I've tried letting everyone on earth know about it

So I try not to think too much or dwell on all the details. Which isn’t really hard, because most people don’t write emails longer than a few sentences.

Now, I know you have some speculation regarding the following in my life:


someecards.com - I still don't completely understand how babies are made

… or not


someecards.com - I want to trick a Jewish man into marrying me

… or not

And if…

someecards.com - I wish my perfectly detailed wedding plans included a fiancé.

…and if I am even planning AT ALL.

When this is really my stance if you wanted to know. someecards.com - I'm afraid of people who aren't afraid of commitment.

And with all the family drama why wouldn’t it be?


Keka Cases

I have assisted Mixed-Media Collage Artist e’Layne Koenigsberg in a wide variety of projects – from major website modifications to email marketing. I formatted her artwork for cell phone covers and tablets with Keka. I’m so excited to see the cute new phone covers! They are available for purchase here.

Screen shot 2014-03-31 at 8.01.57 PM

Lung Institute Landing Pages

About 80% of the Lung Institute’s marketing spend is dedicated to search engine marketing and about 70% of form fills for the site happen directly on a landing page. With numbers like these, as you can imagine as the User Interface Developer I’ve been pretty busy creating effective landing pages for different types of campaigns and analyzing them to make sure they stay effective.

We utilize dynamic phone numbers that follow visitors throughout the site for 90 days, based on the landing page they entered on. We also use tags in the url to determine the advertising source of the lead. This allows us to put together an accurate daily report of how all our inquires, qualified leads and sales heard about us. We are able to adjust our spend according to what sources are performing. I also use data from analytics and Crazy Egg to make decisions to continuously improve the pages. For example, we have discovered recently that more traditional link styling is more effective for our older demographic.

In the past, I relied on third-party plugins to do this tracking and reporting, but now we are happy to have a more secure custom system as I am now not the only developer, but I work in collaboration with a Senior Applications Developer.



Casual Chic Shop

cc_laptopcc_phone cc_Tablet
Katie Middleton is an Interior Designer who has created her own line of pillows, napkins and other home decor. For her Lock Collection, she was inspired by vintage fabrics she inherited from her family’s furniture business. I scanned in the old fabric and used my graphic design skills to create new patterns for submission to the fabric manufacturer. They were created in grayscale, so that she could select the colors for print. Her website is tied into Shopify, which she is using as a shopping cart.

Flaunt 2013 Exhibit

Flaunt Storefront

I was honored to be chosen as one of 18 window display artists for Flaunt 2013 in Downtown Thomasville. All displays were required to incorporate books, as the event was the city’s kick-off to the One Book literacy program.