First Group Project at The Iron Yard

Today I finished my project, The Connected Web. I worked remotely with Jenell. She specifically wanted to work on the API aspect. I really wanted to work on it too, because it’s new and I need to practice it as well, but I recognized that we needed to split up the work and I still could use the practice with the other aspects of React.

I did the html/css layout of what the project was to look like and then I set up the navigation, CSS and HTML in React. It was good to have the practice of formatting for React, I realized I forgot some things that I thought were going to come easy.

I think the most difficult thing about the project is that we were working remotely the whole time and at different times of day. But we stayed in communication pretty constantly and I made sure to get Jenell what she needed. In class on Thursday, we set up a game plan and I looked around at different API sites and found the IMDb API site omdbapi.

We communicated pretty well over Slack, but looking back I think I could improve my next project with better code documentation. We discovered after pushing the site to surge that the Poster API has some issues on regular sites, we didn’t notice this until we deployed because it worked fine on local and in our cached browsers.

About React

react-imageReact is a JavaScript library that focuses on making the state of User Interfaces more reliable. This is especially helpful in applications such as Facebook and Netflix where user interaction is constantly changing the interface in real-time.

The main way that React works is through components. Components allow the developer to have the different functions of the JavaScript modular, so that certain sections can be added or removed, easily changed, called multiple times in different areas or used in different sections or projects. This modular approach is helpful and makes managing large projects, collaboration and updates simpler and less susceptible to error.

React also condenses and shortened JavaScript. You are able to write HTML right into the JSX that renders based on certain parameters. React aims to make JavaScript more condensed and concise than it is on it’s own.

React has two main ways of calling data. Props and State. Props do not change and they’re used to pass data to child components. State is used to pass changing data that regularly changes such as user input or day/time information.

I believe that learning React will be very useful as it is used professionally for very dynamic, large and popular web applications. Once I get over the learning curve, I think I’ll be able to use it’s streamlining and organizational features to be able to build larger applications with more moving parts much easier than if I was just using JavaScript.



I’m sorry signing “Hope to see you soon” instead of “Love” made me seem uncaring. - I may start using emoticons

But from the start I want you to know… - I value the opinions that you keep to yourself.

because I think…


I know the following quote is important in your life, - I don't consider a good deed complete until I've tried letting everyone on earth know about it

So I try not to think too much or dwell on all the details. Which isn’t really hard, because most people don’t write emails longer than a few sentences.

Now, I know you have some speculation regarding the following in my life:

Whether… - I still don't completely understand how babies are made

… or not

Whether… - I want to trick a Jewish man into marrying me

… or not

And if… - I wish my perfectly detailed wedding plans included a fiancé.

…and if I am even planning AT ALL.

When this is really my stance if you wanted to know. - I'm afraid of people who aren't afraid of commitment.

And with all the family drama why wouldn’t it be?


(no title)


Thomasville Artist Collective – Elements

View my photography from now until October 15 in Grassroots Coffee in Downtown Thomasville as part of the Thomasville Artist Collective’s exhibit Elements. I also built and manage the Artist Collective’s website

Plantation Painting

This piece is a acrylic on canvas commission. It is a painting of plantation in Thomasville and was given as as a wedding gift. The ceremony was held on the grounds and therefore I’m sure it was a very meaningful and personal gift for the couple.

The Everett House

I was commissioned to paint The Everett House on Plantation Drive as a Christmas Gift. I used acrylics on canvas. The shadows were replaced with a clear lawn upon request. I chose to represent my work with the earlier version, as the original photograph I painted from contained the shadows and I like the mood they give to the piece.

Plantation Wildlife Arts Festival

Art Show 2010, 2011 & 2012

One of the nation’s premier sporting and wildlife arts festivals, PWAF celebrates the outdoors and plantation culture of the Red Hills Region with a show of paintings, sculpture, photography and craft-work, along with lectures and demonstrations on conservation, forestry, hunting, fishing and regional animals.

I have enjoyed over the past several years creating and maintaining the festival’s website, designing ads and other event signage.

I was proud to have my ad placed in the widely distributed national magazine, Garden and Gun. Specialty magazines that have displayed PWAF ads include: Gray’s Sporting Journal, American Angler, Fly Tyer, The Shooting Sportsman, Sporting Classics, the Thomasville Scene, Tallahassee Magazine, Southwest Georgia Living and Thomasville Magazine.

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Winter Exhibition 2011
















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January 2011 the Thomasville Cultural Center launched it’s new name and image as Thomasville Center for the Arts. The branding groundwork, including the logo and font type were developed by Jason Kantner and as the in-house graphic designer I gave input through the strategic planning process, as well as secured and continued the new image forward. The new website, which I designed was also launched during this time.

This event opened with the work of acclaimed Georgia artist, Steve Penley. Known for his work with Coca-Cola, ESPN, University of Georgia and several historical museums, Steve Penley set the scene for a bold start with his bright iconic images. Also displayed was the work of Rebecca Cabassa and the late Elmo Gideon.


Publicity for the FLAUNT: 25 Exhibition, featuring local artists on display in downtown retail locations.

BLOOM Exhibition

Front and Back of Postcard

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