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Bridal Magazine Ad 2010

 This is one of the first ads I made at the art center (in fact I made it in the summer of 2010, before we changed our name).

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Fresh Florida Sprawl

Fresh Florida Sprawl

For my political art class, I picked a topic that hits very near and dear to my heart as a 3rd generation Floridian – Sprawl.

I believe that with better zoning, community development and redevelopment many of our major problems in the U.S. can be drastically reduced or eliminated. If we as a nation planned mixed residential and commercial areas for short car commutes and walking, we could potentially solve the obesity epidemic, improve our environment, conserve energy, reduce infrastructure costs and have a better quality of life doing what we enjoy instead of spending time on the road. In my project I incorporated some nostalgic elements of my childhood, such as the Citrus Tower. When I was a child I visited the tower in Clermont, Florida and looked down from the top. At the time all you saw was beautiful rolling hill of orange trees, now all you would see is rolling hills of track houses. Clermont had a 297% population growth from 2000 – 2010. I also incorporated lyrics from the songs "Bright Yellow Taxi" and "Where the Orange Blossoms Grow". The sprawled over orange juice cartons ideally would be set up as track housing. 


I wanna wake up in the mornin' where the orange blossoms grow.

And the sun comes peakin' into where I'm sleepin' and the song birds sing hello.

I like the fresh air and the sunshire, there so good for us you know.

That's why I make my home in Florida, where the orange blossoms grow. 

Brands I Use

Brands I Use

I've been a blogger on blogspot for a while. I am fascinated by the products I use, why I use them and what brought me to them. A bit of research mixed with humor.