I’m sorry signing “Hope to see you soon” instead of “Love” made me seem uncaring.

someecards.com - I may start using emoticons

But from the start I want you to know…

someecards.com - I value the opinions that you keep to yourself.

because I think…


I know the following quote is important in your life,

someecards.com - I don't consider a good deed complete until I've tried letting everyone on earth know about it

So I try not to think too much or dwell on all the details. Which isn’t really hard, because most people don’t write emails longer than a few sentences.

Now, I know you have some speculation regarding the following in my life:


someecards.com - I still don't completely understand how babies are made

… or not


someecards.com - I want to trick a Jewish man into marrying me

… or not

And if…

someecards.com - I wish my perfectly detailed wedding plans included a fiancé.

…and if I am even planning AT ALL.

When this is really my stance if you wanted to know. someecards.com - I'm afraid of people who aren't afraid of commitment.

And with all the family drama why wouldn’t it be?


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