Lung Institute Landing Pages

About 80% of the Lung Institute’s marketing spend is dedicated to search engine marketing and about 70% of form fills for the site happen directly on a landing page. With numbers like these, as you can imagine as the User Interface Developer I’ve been pretty busy creating effective landing pages for different types of campaigns and analyzing them to make sure they stay effective.

We utilize dynamic phone numbers that follow visitors throughout the site for 90 days, based on the landing page they entered on. We also use tags in the url to determine the advertising source of the lead. This allows us to put together an accurate daily report of how all our inquires, qualified leads and sales heard about us. We are able to adjust our spend according to what sources are performing. I also use data from analytics and Crazy Egg to make decisions to continuously improve the pages. For example, we have discovered recently that more traditional link styling is more effective for our older demographic.

In the past, I relied on third-party plugins to do this tracking and reporting, but now we are happy to have a more secure custom system as I am now not the only developer, but I work in collaboration with a Senior Applications Developer.